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Raymond Cruz | DJ RLE | Owner + DJ 


With over 10 years of DJ experience, music has always been a constant part of my life. What began as a hobby in college turned into a career within Austin’s vibrant music scene. 


Raised in East Texas, I dived into music early on and was the drummer for my dad’s Tejano, Cumbia band while growing up. This has provided me with a background of knowing different genres of Latin music and the ability to emcee in Spanish.  I also danced a bit in my past life but never quite conquered my ABDC dreams...3rd place at my high school talent show will have to do. 


My passion for playing the drums led me to pursuing a career in the music industry where I have my Certification for Live Studio Recording + Live Sound and Production. 


My credits include: 

  • Official Euphoria Festival Performer 

  • Official SXSW DJ Tech Crew 

  • Official SXSW Artist 

  • LongHorn City Limits


Early on in college I began DJ’ing for fun which led to multiple residencies within downtown Austin. I spent years perfecting my craft and now specialize in turntablism while incorporating seamless DJ techniques. 


These residences then expanded into special events, corporate gigs and weddings. Being a part of someone’s special event or wedding day has always been an honor and I love being able to create a fun atmosphere for clients + their guests to remember. 


Professionalism is at the forefront of everything that I do all while having fun and bringing the energy for my clients. My emcee skills are professional, fun and upbeat - this is a party after all! Keep in mind that the Cruz Collective team are not cheesy and overbearing commentators masked as DJ’s. We take pride in what we do by providing our specialized craft for your event. Guests want to hear great music and we are there to provide just that. 


My sound selections are based on my client’s personal style + vibes. No event or wedding is the same and I pride myself in taking the time to dive into their music preferences to create an unforgettable event tailored specifically to them. 


When I’m not DJ’ing at a special event, you can find me working on music production, hanging with my wife + 2 pups or usually making breakfast tacos. 

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